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The Top 3 Factors To Consider Before You Build A Cafe Coolroom

So, you are new to the cafe business. You might have bought or leased a cafe already fitted out – in which case – congratulations on your new business venture. If, however, you are looking to build a cafe from scratch, there’s one room that needs special consideration: the cool room. The cool room will house all your valuable food stock that requires refrigeration and freezing. Getting the cool room right will ensure you have one less thing to worry about as you begin your journey as a cafe owner. So before you hire a cool room builder, take a look at these top 3 factors to consider when it comes to the installation of a cool room. 

1. Size

The size of your cool room essentially depends on two things: The size of your cafe (how many people are you aiming to serve per day) and the size of the space where the cool room will be positioned. If you are intending to operate a small cafe, you would opt for one of the smaller sized cool rooms available, such as a 1.2 m x 1.2 m with a height of 2.1 m. When it comes to the space available for the placement of the cool room, you will need to allow an additional 100 mm on every dimension to build. Running a cool room is an expensive business. Basically, the larger your cool room, the larger the motor you will need to run it, and the more expensive your power bill. 

2. Product types

The second main factor is to consider the kinds of products that will require refrigeration. An ice cream eatery, for example, will need a much bigger freezer capacity. A licensed cafe may require larger refrigeration areas for drinks. You will need to discuss the types of products you are intending to store with your builder to ensure the correct ratio of fridge/freezer space.

3. Shelving

The installation of shelving is an important component of the cool room build as the addition of shelving greatly increases your storage capacity. Again, consider the kinds of products you intend to stock. Your cool room needs to able to store large quantities of bulky items or boxes. It’s a good idea to get your shelving space correct from the get go. If you want to offer fresh prawns on your menu, 5 kg carton of prawns has a dimension of 400 mm x 30 mm x 20 mm. The storage area for these cartons will need to have a height of greater than 20 mm. The last thing you want to be doing is shoving boxes of valuable produce into spaces where they won’t fit or dangerously stacking them on the floor of the cool room. 

As a proud new cafe owner, your fresh produce is your most vital commodity. Ensuring your chosen cool room is professionally installed and has temperature control settings will enable to you to focus on the most important factor of all – your customers. For more information, contact a business like Adgemis Refrigeration.

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Automations to Make Your Business Telephone System More Efficient

Your telephone system is more than just a way for your customers to reach you. When it is properly set up, the system can act as a virtual receptionist and ensure that your business is running smoothly. With the right automations in place, you can answer basic questions and provide useful customer service feedback without ever picking up the phone and handling a call yourself. Here are some automated actions to consider adding to your telephone system to make it more efficient.

Billing Automation

One of the customer service issues that can take up a lot of your time is related to billing. Customers will have questions regarding how much they owe, if they can make a payment arrangement, and if they can pay their bill over the phone or online.

All of these questions can be automated so when a customer calls they can choose the option they need and solve their issues without you or your employees having to stop and handle the call. If the automated system doesn’t handle the questions, then you can opt to have the call transferred to a representative.

Office Questions

Basic questions about office hours, contact information, address, or services can be automated into the telephone system. This allows your customers to call any time of day or night and find out the basic information they need regarding your business. This is ideal for customers who are new to your business, but need your services and need to know when is the best time to contact a live person.

Document and Billing Request

Some customers will need an invoice, printed documents, or something that shows that have done business with your company. Instead of spending time handling these requests, you can automate them. Your phone system can ask the customer’s name, address, phone number, and what information they need.

This can then be automatically forwarded to your business mail and inbox as an urgent request. You can go in, pull the information, and get the information to them while handling similar requests made through the automated system.

These are just a few of the options you can have for your customers as part of an automated telephone system, like those at Datavoice Communications. Depending on the type of business you run, you could also create an automation for order placement, pick-up requests, and delivery requests. For example, someone with a writing business may automate the system to handle price estimates and article requests with the option of paying over the phone or online for the service.  If you are ready to move forward with automating your system, contact your telephone service today.

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