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Save Money & Safeguard Employee Health with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Absenteeism costs Australasian employers an estimated $28 billion per year. Although it’s impossible to tell how much of this money is related to people who are actually out ill and how much is related to people skiving their duties, it is safe to say that the financial burden on employers should decrease if their employees are well. Part of keeping your employees well has to do with keeping the carpet in your office clean. Here is a look at how commercial carpet cleaners can help improve health and productivity in your office.

1. Virus-causing germs thrive on carpet.

If your employees come to work while they are ill, they bring germs into your office. If they sneeze or accidentally vomit on the floor, they may leave the norovirus or other germs on your carpet. This stomach flu virus can live on your carpet for up to a month, infecting other employees, unless you have it commercially cleaned.

2. Thanks to micro adhesion, bacteria can jump from the carpet onto food.

If one of your employees brings in the bacteria on a piece of food, on the bottom of their shoes or in another way, that bacteria can get into the carpet and live there for at least four weeks until the carpet has been cleaned. If another employee drops a sandwich, that bacteria will jump right onto their sandwich, regardless of how quickly they pick it up from the floor, and diarrhea and vomiting with ensue.

3. Carpet-loving dust mites can cause allergies.

Dust mites are microscopic little creatures who live in carpet. As they hang out, they leave behind waste and residue that floats into the air. If any of your employees have allergies or asthma, these particles can increase or even cause allergies, and your employees may end up missing work as a result.

Steam cleaning does not necessarily remove the dust from your carpet, but many commercial cleaners have high powered vacuums that they use before they start cleaning. This extra suction may be what your office carpet needs to safeguard the health of your employees.

4. Dirty carpet decreases worker productivity.

In addition to the billions of dollars that are lost every year due to absenteeism, money is also lost due to decreased worker productivity. If your employees are starting to get ill or recovering from an illness, they may not be able to provide you with the effort you need. However, if they are surrounded by dirty carpet, they are also likely to be inefficient regardless of whether they feel ill or not. In fact, controlled laboratory studies show that workers are at least 4 percent more accurate when they are not around dirty carpet than when they are.

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