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Important Service Repairs You Need To Get For Your Water Tank Regularly

Are you having problems with your water tank? Not getting enough water supply or your water is not hot enough? These are some of the problems you can experience with hot water systems. However, just like other appliances in your home, your water heater needs regular service so that you can avoid experiencing some of these hot water problems. Read on to see what service repairs you need to get for your water heater and why.

Hot water tank cleaning

One of the less-known water tank services that you should get is cleaning. Over time, your water tank accumulates small particles of dirt dissolved in water. These settle at the bottom of the tank to form sediment. Your tank also accumulates minerals and other impurities from the water and the plumbing system. If your pipes are old, your water tank may collect rust too. All these contaminants can alter the odor or coloration of your water with time. Through a cleaning service, your plumber will drain the tank, empty collected dirt and perform a cleaning service. This will ensure you get clean water from your shower and taps.

Leak diagnosis and repair

A common problem with hot water tanks is that they may experience leaks at times. If you notice that your hot water tank is collecting drops or a puddle of water, you may have a leak. Leaks can have adverse effects on your flooring by causing mold, rot and drywall/timber damage. Leaks will also raise your water bill. Worse, a leaking hot water tank means higher energy bills. This is because, for every litre of leaked water, your tank has to heat a fresh liter for replacement.  Your plumber will identify loose connections, burst pipes or damaged valves to curb the leakage.

Hot water insulation

The other crucial repair service you need to get for your hot water system is insulation. Insulation is important for two main reasons. One, it ensures you get just the right hot water temperature from your faucets. Two, a well insulated tank will not lose energy and will therefore not keep reheating stored water to maintain the set thermostat levels. To ensure your hot water system is well insulated, your plumber will check the heat radiated from your tank and hot water pipes. He or she will then install insulating blankets or plaster to poorly insulated areas.

Getting these hot water repair & maintenance services is crucial for every home. They ensure you get hot water every time you need it, giving you maximum comfort and convenience. They also prevent energy loss so that you don’t pay more than you should at the end of the month. If your water heater is new, regular service will also ensure you do not void the manufacturer’s warranty. For more information, contact a local service company like Affordable Hot Water.

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