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How to Keep Mould Away from Your Hydroponic Garden

Some people find mould growing on their hydroponic crops and they do not know how they can prevent this problem from recurring. This article discusses some steps you can take to prevent mould from growing on your hydroponic plants.

Sterilize All Equipment

Prepare a mild bleach solution and use it to scrub all equipment and walls around the growing area. This should be done before new plants are introduced into the growing medium. Your supplier of hydroponic products can advise you on the appropriate concentration of bleach to put in water during this cleaning exercise. All the mould will be eliminated after this cleaning exercise.

Use a Dehumidifier

Excessive humidity in the growing area can lead to a mould problem. Consult the manual provided by the maker of your hydroponic set up so that you find out the maximum level of humidity. Set the dehumidifier to keep humidity below that maximum level so that mould does not grow on your plants.

Keep Plants off Walls

Another factor that favors the growth of mould is if plants touch the walls in the growing area. Condensation will accumulate at the point of contact and mould will thrive there. You can avoid this problem by moving the container of the plants away from the proximity of the walls so that the leaves and stems do not touch those walls at any time during their growth.

Regulate Watering Cycles

If there is some soil in your growing medium, adjust the watering cycles so that the mould problem is prevented. Mould grows on the surface layer of soil if it remains moist for long. You should therefore wait for the surface of the soil to become dry before you water your plants. Stick your finger into the growing medium in order to confirm that the soil at the surface is dry. If it isn’t then wait before watering the plants.

Improve Airflow

You can also prevent mould by installing a fan in the growing area so that the fan keeps air circulating through the canopy of the plants. This fan should be set to blow at the lowest speed so that the flow of air within the growing area is gentle to avoid dislodging the plants within the growing medium. The improved airflow will prevent moisture accumulation on leaves or flowers and that will prevent mould from growing.

If the methods above are not effective in preventing mould, consult a hydroponics professional for advice on how to get rid of that problem. Contact a company like Excel Distributors Pty Ltd. to learn more.

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