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When to Hire an Environmental Consultant to Keep Your Home and Property Safe

An environmental consultant is a professional who studies various aspects of the environment inside and outside buildings; this may include the condition of water, soil, and even the air. You may not think that you would ever have need for an environmental consultant and may assume that they only work with the government or with new construction contractors, but they can be hired by individuals as well. Note when you may want to hire an environmental consultant to keep your home and property safe.

1. If you suspect you have air poisoning in the home

Many homeowners today have carbon monoxide and even radon alarms and detectors in the home, along with their standard smoke detectors. These alarms themselves may alert you to suspected radon or other air poisons in the home, but don’t rely on them or on home testing kits to tell you about the cleanliness of the air you’re breathing every day. Even if these alarms don’t sound, if you or anyone in the family has persistent breathing problems or you think you can smell mold or other such irritants in the air, have an environmental consultant test the air quality of your home.

2. If you want to buy property near a gas station

Gas stations and any business that stores gasoline or other hazardous materials underground are obligated to keep these in certain containers that don’t allow for leaks. However, this doesn’t mean that those businesses always comply and maintain their containers as they should or that there is never a spill or runoff when materials are transferred. If you’re thinking of buying property near a gas station or other such business, an environmental consultant can tell you if the soil, water, and air are all safe or if there are issues with contamination.

3. If your home has suffered a propane or other such leak

If you have a propane tank on your property and it has suffered a leak, cleaning up all obvious areas of the leak may not be enough to keep your home safe. The same is true if you have a gas fireplace that has been leaking; you may cap off the leak and make repairs, but fumes and other irritants may still linger in the home and in the air. If your home has suffered any type of propane or gas leak, call an environmental consultant after cleanup so you can ensure the home and your property are both safe.

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