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Tips for Successfully Working With a Skip Bin on Your Property

A skip bin can make quick work of eliminating trash and debris caused by a home renovation project or large cleanout and can be a good choice when you’re moving and know you have years of clutter that should be tossed rather than packed. Having a skip bin on your property doesn’t mean you’ll actually use it right or keep your yard clean, so you might consider a few quick and simple tips. This will ensure you use the bin safely and effectively.

1. Create a chute and walking path

If you’re going to be creating debris on a second floor or from anywhere inside the house, create a chute for the bin. This can be made of stiff cardboard that you tape to a windowsill and then direct to the bin. You can then toss items along the cardboard rather than randomly out the window, and more debris is likely to wind up in the bin and not in your yard.

You can also create a walking path with cardboard or a tarp from your home or garage to the bin. This too will ensure that dust, dirt, and smaller pieces of the debris can be picked up more readily and won’t wind up being trampled into your lawn and landscaping.

2. Organize your debris for maximum fit

Most skip bins should only be filled to the top and no more, as overfilling it can cause a hazard when the bin is hauled away. Organizing your debris doesn’t mean actually separating and sorting it, but taking a few minutes throughout the day to refit the items in your bin can allow you to maximize the space. You might use the handle of a rake or shovel to push items around so that larger items fall to the bottom of the bin, opening up space. You can also take the time to neatly stack bricks or other such objects so that you don’t have wasted space in the bin.

Along with keeping the debris in some type of order, you might also remove anything that can be recycled. This might include wood cabinets, glass and mirrors, and anything made of metal. Call around for recycling yards near you and take these items in separately. This will keep them out of landfills but also ensure your skip bin is used for actual refuse that needs to be tossed rather than items you could otherwise have recycled.

For more information about using skip bins, contact a local skip bin rental company.