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Tips for Choosing the Best Mobility Lift for Your Home

A mobility lift can be a great choice for anyone with mobility or balance issues but who wants to stay in their home, without having to move to one without stairs. There are many different types of mobility lifts on the market, so note a few tips for choosing the best one for your home, or for the home of an aging parent.

Wheelchair versus stair lift

A wheelchair lift refers to a type of ramp, big enough and sturdy enough to lift someone in a wheelchair. The ramp would be attached to the outside of a staircase and work like an open elevator. A stair lift is a type of seat that is attached to a track inside the stairwell. This lift is lighter and may more readily work for a home without an open staircase. 

However, when deciding between the two models, note that a person does need some mobility to use the stairlift, as they are getting in and out of an actual seat. For those with mild arthritis or other such issues, this may be suitable, but consider if your mobility issues may become worse over time. If you should need to start using a wheelchair sometime in the future, investing in an actual wheelchair lift now may be the better option.

Heavy-duty lifts

For wheelchair lifts, remember to consider the added weight of a wheelchair itself and, if necessary, the added weight of an assistant who may need to ride the lift with the person in the wheelchair. Note also that a person’s body weight may increase over time. Choosing a lightweight lift because it’s cheaper may not be the best choice if you put added wear and tear on its track and motor because of it being overloaded. Opt for a heavy-duty lift that supports more than enough weight to ensure it’s durable and lasts for many years.


There are several safety features you want to consider for a lift of any type. For a chair lift, ensure it has a strong, sturdy seatbelt to keep someone in place as the chair moves; the lift might also have an added feature that won’t allow it to move unless the belt is snapped closed. For a wheelchair lift, the lip of the ramp should tip up when a person is on board, preventing the wheelchair from actually rolling off the ramp. Every lift should also come with a manual braking feature that allows a rider to stop it immediately, in case of emergency or if something is blocking their path.

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Signs That Your Business Needs Management Consulting

Hiring the right people to manage your business and then letting them do their jobs is a good formula for success, but there are times when a management consultant or consulting company can be a part of that formula as well. This type of company reviews the processes in place for managing your business and works to improve them, or to set new long-term goals for the company and its management staff. If you’ve never thought about hiring a management consultant or consulting company, note a few signs that your business may be in need of their expertise.

Change is on the horizon

If your company is looking to expand, downsize, change your product line, or otherwise make major adjustments to your business, management consulting can be a good choice. They can help determine how to best make those changes when it comes to the new or varied responsibilities of your personnel and your management staff in particular. Not only can they recommend how to manage those changes but they can act as a buffer for your management staff who may be uncomfortable with change in their responsibilities; the management consultant or agency can easily walk them through the process and assist without worrying about internal company politics, hurt feelings, and the like.

When profits dip

There may be obvious reasons why profits dip in your company; a major customer has moved out of the area or gone out of business, or a new competitor has taken over your market. No matter the reason, however, a management consultant or consultancy company can examine your business processes and ensure your management staff is ready to face this challenge. This can mean ensuring they understand the added work that will be expected of them to return profits to a healthy level and ensuring they’re ready to make any necessary changes to increase profits, as mentioned above.

Employee turnover

Consistent employee turnover is never good for business; the time it takes to recruit and train new staff means downtime for your human resources department and added costs for your company. If your company has consistent employee turnover, it’s good to note if the reason for this is something internal with your management staff. Their poor or unprofessional practices may be the reason for this turnover, or your company may not be doing enough to retain quality staff. Whatever the reason for the turnover, a management consultant can help determine the best way to retain your employees and diminish this turnover rate.

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Enter The Step-Down Transformer: 3 FAQs

The step-down transformer is a piece of power equipment used to lower the voltage of electric current flowing through an electric circuit.  There are several reasons why you should think of investing in a step-up down transformer the next time you think of increasing electrical safety around the residential premises.

The question and answer session below explains one of these reasons and it provides a few things you’ll need to know about step-down transformers.

Why Should You Buy A Step-Down Transformer?

Your main electricity supplier can make significant losses when distributing electric current over long distances. This type of energy loss often occurs in the form of heat loss. Heat loss is directly proportional to the amount of current being transported/distributed through the grid lines. However, it is indirectly proportional to the voltage of such current. Lower-voltage current translates into greater heater loss during distribution.

Your electricity supplier probably attempts to minimize the described type of energy loss by distributing current at the highest voltage possible.

You need a step-down transformer because the high voltage electricity might not be very safe for residential use. Common incidents/accidents (e.g. electric shocks) may have grave consequences when high voltage electricity is involved. High voltage electricity may also cause damage to electric appliances that have a lower voltage rating (e.g. in case of a power surge).  For example, a freezer with a voltage rating of 110V could easily suffer irreversible damage thanks to a power surge that exposes it to 220 volts of electricity.

Which Step-Down Transformer Should You Buy?

Step-down transformers are differentiated by the type of cooling mechanism that the transformers use. Those that use mineral oil as the cooling mechanism are often referred to as liquid-filled transformers while their counterparts that use air/gases are referred to as dry-type transformers.

Liquid-filled transformers are often considered more efficient than their dry-type equivalent. This is partly attributed to the fact that oil does a better job at cooling hot spot temperatures within the transformer.

For the penny-conscious homeowner, the dry-type transformer is likely to be an attractive option because they’re often more affordable than liquid-filled transformers. Thus, your choice of step-down transformer will depend on whether you’re more concerned about efficiency or affordability.

Why Would A Dry-Type Transformer Be A Better Choice?

In as much as they may be less efficient, a dry-type transformer might be a better choice for the following reasons:

  • Absence of the fluid cooling medium in a dry-type transformers translates to a less-intensive maintenance schedule required for this electrical device
  • Mineral oil is highly flammable. A dry-type transformer will therefore be less of a fire hazard around your home as compared to one that’s fluid-filled.
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Natural Ways to Keep Pests Away from Your Precious Patio Pot Plants

While you of course appreciate the potted plants on your patio, other creatures might also end up taking an interest in them. It’s possible to keep insects, possums, and even cats away from your patio plants with a little bit of effort. You can even choose certain plants that will do the job for you while adding more beauty to your outdoor space. Patios can sometimes be like a playground (or even a buffet) for certain creatures, but fortunately it’s not so difficult to change that. So what do you need to do?


Possums might munch on your plants, but even if they don’t eat them, they can cause serious damage as they explore. The wood from the quassia tree is believed to deter possums. While they find it to be unpleasantly pungent, you will not notice any scent. You can buy quassia chips from most garden centres, and these can be spread around the base of your plants. It actually looks rather pleasant. Some people even make an anti-possum spray by boiling these wood chips and putting the strained quassia-infused water into a spray bottle, which is then distributed over your plants.

Flies and Mosquitoes

A simple household pesticide spray will keep flying pests away, but you might not be too keen on having to apply this pesticide on a regular basis. You might also wish to minimise your usage of potentially harmful chemicals. You can choose to plant one of the numerous pest-repelling plants, either as replacements for your existing plants or to be positioned alongside them. Lavender is a popular and effective choice, allowing you to enjoy that glorious scent that many flying bugs find so abhorrent.


Neighbourhood cats can easily damage your precious plants. They might use the plants as a litter tray, or they might simply destroy the plant as they play. Pebbles or stones placed onto the soil will prevent a cat from being able to use the pot plant as a litter tray. Cats are not fond of the smell of citrus, so you can try placing citrus rinds into the soil as well. You might also want to spray the plants with diluted lemon juice.

It’s wonderful to enjoy the beautiful plants on your patio without having to constantly replace damaged plants or swat away annoying insects. Fortunately, with a minimal amount of effort you can make your patio plants far less appealing to the local wildlife.

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Installing a Dishwasher

A dishwasher is one of the easiest home appliances to install. Because of this, many homeowners make several mistakes because they did not give ample attention to the installation process. This article discusses some helpful tips that will enable you to avoid many of the mistakes that less alert homeowners make as they install new dishwashers.

Double Check Everything

Many people know that they have to disconnect the water supply and the power before they begin the dishwasher installation process. However, not many take the trouble to confirm that water and power have been turned off. For instance, very few use a multimeter to be sure that no current is flowing to the dishwasher. This may be a mistake because some older houses have electrical panels that are wrongly labeled. Thus, you may think that you have disconnected the power and yet you used a wrong breaker. Double-checking helps to eliminate any risk that you will suffer an electric shock or flood the floor with water.

Anticipate a Mess

No homeowner can guarantee that the process of installing a new dishwasher will not result in a messed up floor. It is therefore advisable for you to be proactive and prepare for that mess before it happens. Have several rags ready in case some water spills as you remove the old dishwasher in order to replace it with the new one. The rags will also be of great help in case you accidentally disconnect the hoses without disconnecting the water supply first. The task of cleaning up the worksite after the installation will be easier because you will have captured most of the water as soon as it poured or spilled.

Install an Air Gap

An air gap is a small cylinder that is usually installed on the back rim of the kitchen sink. The purpose of this device is to prevent the backflow of sewage into your dishwasher. You should consider installing this device even if it is not mandatory for you to have it in your area. Other mechanisms to prevent backflow, such as the use of a check valve, may not be reliable during all situations. For instance, a piece of food may make the check valve to remain locked in the open position. When that happens, the check valve may no longer do its work of preventing sewage backflow.

The installation process will not have any mishaps when you use this information to complement the installation guidelines provided for that specific model of dishwasher that you have purchased.

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