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The 3 Best Ways To Automate Your Purchasing Processes

Automating your purchasing processes will ensure you have the materials you need on hand at all times, and that your entire process of procuring goods will be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Consider the three best ways to automate your purchasing process no matter your industry.

1. Using handheld devices with mobile apps

A handheld device with an app that allows you to scan goods as they arrive can ensure that your inventory is updated instantly. In turn, this inventory can be made available to the production process just as quickly. Rather than waiting until material is unloaded from a truck to enter it into the inventory program, handheld devices with mobile apps will allow you to scan bar codes and immediately communicate this to your inventory program or various departments.

These apps not only cut down on the time it takes to receive inventory but also eliminate the human error involved in entering information manually. Human errors slow down the receiving process as you then need to find and correct these errors.

2. Updating your procurement software

If your procurement software does not include every facet of your purchasing and buying process as well as your production process and inventory, it needs to be updated. The more all-encompassing this software, the less time it will take to enter data and manage your inventory which in turn saves you money on personnel costs.

As an example, today’s software not only receives material and manages inventory but can also track pricing from various vendors and help to calculate the cost savings on various purchases.  When tied with your inventory and production, the right software will alert you to low levels of certain materials and in some cases even prepare orders to your vendors for you. This automation can save hours of work that would otherwise need to be calculated and performed manually.

3. Use vendor alerts

Many vendors can set up automated alerts for materials you may order regularly, and this in turn can save you the time and hassle of having to check these inventory levels yourself. For instance, if you need to order janitorial supplies every month, you might find a vendor that offers an automated alert for your standard monthly order and that emails you for the approval on the order. This saves the time needed to check your inventory levels and to manually prepare the order. It also helps ensure that your inventory levels never run low. This type of alert is available from many vendors across many industries, and it can help to automate your own procurement process no matter the materials needed.

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