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Best Business Benefits Of Using A Live Answering Phone Service

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If a potential customer calls a business with an inquiry and ends up being connected to an answering machine, there is a good chance that the customer will simply hang up and call another business. People don’t like speaking to machines and not knowing when you will get back to them. For small businesses, this could signify a loss in potential revenue from such missed calls. However, hiring a live answering service can avoid this situation. Here are some benefits of using a live answering service: Always Open The best benefit, from a business point of view, is that you will never miss another call from a potential customer while you use the live answering service. A real secretary is hired to answer any calls your business gets. This allows you to schedule meetings or attend jobs without missing out on potential revenue. For professionals such as dentists or doctors, hiring a live answering service to manage your phone to cover your out of office hours allows you to forget about the phone when you are not at work; you will still be informed of any emergency calls by the live receptionist. No Training Or Overheads When you hire a live answering service, you will be hiring a capable and professional receptionist. They take their work seriously and will strive to offer you the best possible service so that you can concentrate on growing the business. Receptionists can be asked to handle incoming calls in any way you like; you can give them a scripted response to questions or allow them to deal with inquires their own way. You save time and money by not having to train anyone in a specific way you would like and you don’t have to provide uniforms or other work related equipment for this employee. Provide Business Statistics If you hire a good quality answering service, they will be able to provide you with statistics regarding the calls your business receives from customers. Information such as if the customer was put on hold or how long the call lasted can be provided by the answering service company. You can also ask the live answering service company to conduct a short questionnaire with the customer regarding their views about your particular company. This information can be analyzed and used by yourself to target specific areas where you can improve performance. Live answering services can be used by virtually any type of business or company to make improvements to the way their business is...

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Important Service Repairs You Need To Get For Your Water Tank Regularly

Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Are you having problems with your water tank? Not getting enough water supply or your water is not hot enough? These are some of the problems you can experience with hot water systems. However, just like other appliances in your home, your water heater needs regular service so that you can avoid experiencing some of these hot water problems. Read on to see what service repairs you need to get for your water heater and why. Hot water tank cleaning One of the less-known water tank services that you should get is cleaning. Over time, your water tank accumulates small particles of dirt dissolved in water. These settle at the bottom of the tank to form sediment. Your tank also accumulates minerals and other impurities from the water and the plumbing system. If your pipes are old, your water tank may collect rust too. All these contaminants can alter the odor or coloration of your water with time. Through a cleaning service, your plumber will drain the tank, empty collected dirt and perform a cleaning service. This will ensure you get clean water from your shower and taps. Leak diagnosis and repair A common problem with hot water tanks is that they may experience leaks at times. If you notice that your hot water tank is collecting drops or a puddle of water, you may have a leak. Leaks can have adverse effects on your flooring by causing mold, rot and drywall/timber damage. Leaks will also raise your water bill. Worse, a leaking hot water tank means higher energy bills. This is because, for every litre of leaked water, your tank has to heat a fresh liter for replacement.  Your plumber will identify loose connections, burst pipes or damaged valves to curb the leakage. Hot water insulation The other crucial repair service you need to get for your hot water system is insulation. Insulation is important for two main reasons. One, it ensures you get just the right hot water temperature from your faucets. Two, a well insulated tank will not lose energy and will therefore not keep reheating stored water to maintain the set thermostat levels. To ensure your hot water system is well insulated, your plumber will check the heat radiated from your tank and hot water pipes. He or she will then install insulating blankets or plaster to poorly insulated areas. Getting these hot water repair & maintenance services is crucial for every home. They ensure you get hot water every time you need it, giving you maximum comfort and convenience. They also prevent energy loss so that you don’t pay more than you should at the end of the month. If your water heater is new, regular service will also ensure you do not void the manufacturer’s warranty. For more information, contact a local service company like Affordable Hot...

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3 Considerations to Make When Hiring Portable Toilets for an Event

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So you are hosting an event and have organised the food, seating and entertainment–don’t forget to hire the portable toilets. They might not be the most exciting aspect of your get-together, but if your guests have to wait in long queues, they will not leave with happy memories. How many will you need? Follow this handy guide to get a general idea. The Number of People Attending In general, you will need one portable toilet for every 50 to 75 people. Several factors will influence this number. If the percentage of women attending is high, more toilets will be needed to avoid long queues. Also, consider how much alcohol is being consumed; more alcohol will translate into move visits to the toilet. If your event is being held on premises with permanent restrooms, remember to include these in your calculations as well. The number of guests may fluctuate over the course of the day or evening. If your event is a relatively small affair, consider what the maximum number of guests will be at any one time and use this number in your calculations. However, if you are organising a public event with thousands of guests, you might be wise to call in an expert like Aim Hire Pty Ltd to figure out just how many you might need. Peak Periods of Use Another consideration is that there will be peak periods of use such as after a meal or at the end of a musical performance. One tip is to place the wash basins externally to the port-a-loos to lessen queues. Also, setting up rubbish bins nearby can prevent bottles winding up in the toilets causing problems and delays. The placement of the toilets is important as well. To limit congestion, consider placing them in several different areas. Accessibility You need to consider whether people with disabilities will be attending. For a private party, you will most likely know the answer. When organising a public event, make sure to provide accessible toilets for all attendees. While portable toilets may not be the most glamorous aspect of your event, they are vital to your guests’ comfort. If you have done your job well, your good work will go largely unrecognised. It is only if you have problems such as endless queues, for example, that your work in this area will come to the forefront—and not in a positive sense. If you consider the number of guests, their gender, and the amount of alcohol likely to be consumed, you will have the main bases...

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Professional Lift Maintenance Services: 3 Vital Benefits for Office Buildings

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These days, passenger lift systems are a common feature for almost all tall office buildings. However, poor maintenance of these systems often results in frequent breakdowns or malfunctions. For that reason, the following points explain the benefits that professional lift maintenance services will bring into your office building. Boost Service Reliability Moving up and down a tall office building using the staircases can be quite exhausting, isn’t it? Passenger lift systems facilitate building operations by making the movement of people from one floor to another almost effortlessly. As such, professional maintenance service will ensure smooth running of your lift system by giving it the right attention. For instance, the professionals can replace old hoist ropes with new, stronger ones to give it a performance upgrade, which will subsequently increase its load capacity. What is more, regular maintenance service will result in reduced idle time meaning that you will enjoy greater service time. Improve the Safety of Users Experiencing lift system failure in the workplace is not only embarrassing but risky too, don’t you agree? Since they operate from heights, passenger lift systems most certainly expose users to danger. For that reason, you can’t afford to tolerate frequent lift system breakdowns in your office buildings; people will simply avoid or stop using them. A professional will help you to detect and repair the defects with your lifts before they can result in serious accidents. By so doing, defects that expose people to bodily harm or injury can be remedied early enough, thus, making sure that your office building lifts are safe for users. Avoid Expensive Repairs Just like any other piece of equipment, some components of the passenger lift system in your office building will deteriorate with time and, hence, will require regular in-service inspection. The hoist mortar, for example, needs to be lubricated to reduce the risk of damage resulting from too much friction. By servicing, repairing or replacing faulty parts before they lead to wear and tear on other components, a professional will prolong the useful life of the lift system. This way, you can avoid paying the high repair costs associated with reviving lifts that have shut down completely. From the above-discussed points, it is clear that professional lift service maintenance is critical to ensuring that your passenger lift system remains safe for users and can provide reliable service for office building operations. More so, it can lead to cost savings by preventing costly repairs. For more information, contact Forte Lift...

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3 Tips for Caring for Your New Turf Grass

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Installing turf grass can be a great way to fill in blotchy spots on your lawn, or for having a new lawn installed at the same time you have a new home built. While turf grass is typically very strong and grows quickly, you want to ensure you care for it properly and have the right supplies for keeping it strong and healthy. Very often new turf grass fails to thrive simply because homeowners don’t care for it as they should and make some common mistakes that are easy to avoid. Note a few simple tips here. 1. Don’t Scalp Your Lawn When mowing your lawn it’s easy to think you should cut it as low as possible so you have to cut it less often. In truth, this can damage the lawn itself and especially new turf grass that still needs time to take root. Cutting your turf grass too short means it has less space within the blades of the grass to gather morning dew, a major component used for its own watering. Blades also collect sunlight and convert this to the nutrients needed for the lawn to thrive. Be sure you don’t cut your lawn too short, and maintain your garden equipment properly. Sharpen the blades of your mower every year so they offer a clean cut and don’t simply trample the grass, and so that you don’t mow the lawn again and again to get the height you want. 2. Don’t Overwater the Lawn or Allow It to Get Too Dry Using a lawn sprinkler every day is one of the worst things you can do to a lawn, as it simply cannot absorb water that easily and doesn’t need to be watered that often. However, you also don’t want roots to get too dry as this causes a brown and splotchy lawn. A good idea for new turf grass is to install an underground sprinkler or irrigation system and use it once per week, so the roots get the moisture they need while the blades are not overwhelmed with too much water. 3. Never Feed the Lawn in Hot or Sunny Weather Lawn food and fertilizer are full of chemicals that react to heat and sunlight, and which in turn can burn your lawn. This is especially dangerous for new turf grass, which is still delicate and trying to take root. Feed your lawn once or twice every year, but only during the cool seasons of spring or fall and never in the middle of the day when the sun is out. Use a spreader so you know you distribute the feed evenly over the lawn as well.   For more information, contact D & V Turf Supplies Pty...

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Two Tips For Achieving Great Grout For Your Tiles

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How exciting is grout! Okay, that’s not true. But, watching your new tiles fall off the wall because your grout isn’t holding them up any more is not thrilling either! As a person grouting for the first time, there are two main tips that you need to know to make sure that your grout is up to the task ahead. Combining Grout With Water When you purchase grout, it is in a powder form, and you add water to this to create the mixture that is added to the wall. There are a couple of pointers that you need to know about mixing these two items together: When mixing the grout powder and water, it is important that you get the perfect consistency by following the instructions provided. If the mixture is too thin because you have added too much water, the grout will crack as it dries. This is because as the grout dries the water evaporates away and that leaves tiny holes in the grout. If there is too much water, the holes are too big, and this causes the grout to crumble. Never add extra water to a grout mixture once it has started to set. This will only weaken the grout, and crumbling will be the result. Once you have prepared the grout, you still need to be careful when you are applying it to the wall. Applying The Grout When you apply the grout, you will do so by applying a small amount at a time using an upward stroke when pushing it onto the wall. It is important that there are no air pockets left between the grout and the wall, or around the tile sides. Air pockets will weaken the grout and cause it to fall away. Also keep an eye on the temperature of the area where you are working. This will affect how quickly the grout hardens, which is another reason why it is important to do a small area at a time. If you find that your grout is failing, or you have purchased a home with damaged grout, then you need to call an expert to come in and repair the problem. Before the new grout can be applied the old grout needs to be removed. Since this needs to be done carefully to avoid tile damage, it is not wise to attempt this task yourself. Fresh, new grout will give a whole new look to your tiles. Following these tips you’ll be a master grout applier in no time, and that is just a little bit exciting. For more information, contact a business such as Regrout...

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Refrigerator and Freezer in Good Repair

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Repairs to your refrigerator or freezer will be needed at one time or another, as parts simply wear out and break down over time. However, it’s surprising how often homeowners cause repairs to be needed prematurely simply because they don’t take the time to care for their refrigerator and freezer or don’t use it properly. Note a few simple tips for keeping this appliance in good repair and avoiding unnecessary repair bills. 1. Don’t overfill the unit Overfilling the refrigerator or the freezer is probably one of the most common mistakes made by homeowners, as they often don’t understand how this appliance keeps food cold. Both the refrigerator and the freezer will have vents in the back, through which is circulated cold air. When you overstuff the unit, you block this opening so that the motor and blower both need to work harder to keep a steady temperature. In the freezer, be sure you can run your hand between food items and the walls of the unit. In the refrigerator, be sure you can easily see the back and side walls. It’s also good to keep some space between your food items so that cold air can circulate around them, making it easier for the units to keep items cool. 2. Vacuum the coils and outside vents The condenser coils are what keep the air cool for the refrigerator or freezer, but these coils often gather dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris. It’s good to move your refrigerator out from against the wall every month or at least twice per year, and vacuum around the coils and any vents in the back. When these are clean, they won’t work as hard to create cold air in the unit and in turn, the motor and blower won’t be overworked. 3. Keep the door closed If your mother ever yelled at you to keep the refrigerator door closed, you may want to remember those words! When you open the door to the refrigerator or freezer, you’re letting out the cold air and letting in the warm air. In turn, the motor and blower need to kick on to maintain the right temperature. The longer you keep open the door, the harder the appliance will need to work and especially on very warm days. To keep the appliance from overworking, don’t hold the door open unnecessarily. Remember that your refrigerator and freezer are not meant to cool the air of the room, so don’t think you can open the door on a hot day to keep yourself cool. Keep the door closed to avoid unnecessary repairs to your appliance. For more tips or assistance, contact resources such as Shiraz...

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How to Move Out of Your Parents’ House & into a Boathouse

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Many young people aspire to live in their own homes and live by their own rules. However, this becomes a big challenge because many youth are unemployed and lack the money to pay regular rent and thus end up stuck in their parent’s house for an eternity. This gets more frustrating as these individuals grow older since the society expects them to be independent and stop living off their parent’s hands. If you fall into this category and you have some cash stashed away for a rainy day, it is time to put it into good use by buying a boathouse especially if you fancy life on water. It will save you from many of your ‘homelessness’ problems. The following are some tips on how to get a houseboat and make it your home. Purchasing the Houseboat Since it is going to be your home, you want to purchase a quality houseboat that is worth spending your savings on. Ensure that you buy a houseboat that is in good condition, preferably a newly constructed one as opposed to a second hand one. The problem with second hand items is that they have many small underlying problems that you only come to encounter later after you have already made the purchase. For houseboats, such problems include leaking roofs, leaking floors and loose floorboards. You are likely to incur more costs fixing and repairing these problems than you would have buying a brand new houseboat. Furthermore, the leaks and other problems have a high chance of recurring on an old used houseboat, further increasing your financial spending on frequent repairs. Furnishing A houseboat is just like any other house, only that it is a house on water. When it comes to furnishing, you should do as much as you would have done on a regular house; there is no particular restriction. Some houseboats contain inbuilt furniture such as wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, making your furnishing task simpler. Additionally, you do not have to put restrictions on finishing such as on surfaces and on floors. Be as bold or as subtle as you want to be depending on your preferences. However, do not overdo the furnishing to more than the houseboat’s capacity, since the weight will be too much and the houseboat might begin to sink. Maintenance The fact that the houseboat is set upon water means that it needs a little more attention than regular houses when it comes to maintenance. You need to properly clean and dry the houseboat to avoid dampness, and also conduct regular inspection on the areas of the boat that come in contact with water and are at risk of rotting or developing moss. Learn more by contacting suppliers such as Kia Marina Houseboat...

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3 Frugal Ways To Learn A Foreign Language

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Learning a foreign language is a great idea for a number of reasons. It will enable you to be more conversive and have an enriched experience on trips abroad, it will flex the parts of your brain associated with linguistics, and in our increasingly globalised world, it might even open up job opportunities for you. But what if you have the desire to learn a language, but you just don’t have the budget to invest in private lessons in Spanish, French, Japanese, or whichever language you are choosing to study? Mastering a language on a budget is totally doable, and here are a few things you can do give yourself the best shot at becoming conversational and even fluent. Language exchange. Just because you can’t afford to go to Argentina to practice speaking Spanish or to Morocco to practice French doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fruitful language exchange right here in this country. Australia is a place that attracts people from all over the globe, many of whom speak a first language that is not English. Post a notice in your local library or write something on a local online forum that advertises your desire for a language exchange buddy. One hour of English plus one hour of the language you are learning twice a week will boost your conversational abilities. Online tutoring. Yes, it might be too pricey to enrol in a local evening course to learn a new language, but online tutoring can be a far cheaper option. What’s more, you’ll be learning from a local. There are many native speakers of foreign languages who are also trained teachers that offer classes via video calling services from their home countries. Because they don’t have the same cost of living as people in Australia, they can offer their classes at a fraction of the normal price. For more information, contact a business such as High Performance Learning Centre. Flashcards. You don’t need expensive language schools to provide you with fancy learning resources when you can just as easily create them for yourself. Making flashcards is the ideal solution because they encourage learning through repetition, which is one of the most effective ways of learning a language. Through any language learning book from the library, find the one hundred most popular verbs in the language you are trying to learn. Then create sentences around those and write them on flashcards – one side in English and one side in the other language. Carry these flashcards around with you and test yourself while you are on the bus, on your work break, or when you are relaxing at...

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What Are the Advantages of Drip Irrigation?

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Irrigation is a means of water distribution commonly used for growing plants in areas that experience water scarcity. Irrigation systems come in various configurations including surface level or ground irrigation, over-head irrigation and even drip irrigation. Each of the mentioned types of irrigation has unique characteristics that give it distinct advantages over the other types of irrigation.  Discussed below are several advantages you can enjoy if you choose to invest in a drip irrigation system. Drip Irrigation Conserves Fertilizer & Water One of the greatest advantages of investing in a drip irrigation system is the fact that you will use a significantly less amount of water and fertilizer to grow your plants. With a drip irrigation system, the water is supplied directly to the root of the plant on a drop-by-drop basis. This is referred to as localized application of water and it helps to minimize the amount of water that goes to waste. This is also important because it helps to avoid localized flooding of the soil which often results in surface runoff and loss of soil nutrients and fertilizer in the process. You can therefore expect a great reduction in the amount of fertilizer and water you use for irrigation soon after the drip irrigation system has been installed in your premises. Drip Irrigation Discourages Growth of Weeds & Soil Erosion Soil erosion is often a negative impact of poor irrigation practices. Soil gets eroded when you allow the area under irrigation to flood. The running water from the flood carries away the soil from your premises and ends up depositing it elsewhere. There are several factors that affect the severity of erosion including the degree of slope of the land, and the amount of water involved. This is an unlikely problem with a drip irrigation system because chances of flooding are next to zero. Another advantage of drip irrigation systems is the fact that it does not encourage the growth of weeds around the irrigation area. By delivering water directly to plant roots, drip irrigation cuts off water supply for any weeds that may grow nearby. The lack of water makes it difficult for weeds to survive. You can therefore enjoy the convenience of having a weed-free lawn for example by installing a drip irrigation system. From the above discussion, it is quite clear that a drip irrigation system is definitely a worthy investment for both your business and residential premises. Talk to companies like Southern Irrigation Services to learn...

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Advantages Of Using A Floating Pontoon To Moor A Boat

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Many of the people who have homes or own property by the side of a river (or stretch of water) own boats. An important consideration for these people is having a safe and secure area to keep their boat when not in use. Some people choose to pay to have permanent, jetty-like structures installed for this purpose, but this can be very expensive. Many other people favor building a pontoon instead. A pontoon is a temporary, floating structure to which boats can be secured. Take a look at some of the advantages of using a pontoon. Bespoke Most floating pontoons are designed on an individual basis, tailored to the specific requirement of a home owner. This means that you have a big say in the materials used to build the pontoon, as well as the actual design. Pontoons are versatile, and can be manufactured to almost any requirement and size. It is possible to install a pontoon that not only keeps your boat(s) secure, but add a positive aesthetic impact to the entire property. Cost Effective Even if you choose to use some of the more expensive materials – such as better grades of wood or stone – it is still possible to get a reasonably priced pontoon designed and installed. Due to their temporary nature, it is quick and fairly simple to have a good quality pontoon installed. This means you don’t have to pay for expensive labor costs to install it. The money saved here can be used to buy better quality materials. Additionally, many people find that when selling their property, a pontoon is a desirable feature for potential buyers.  Create A Calm Area When a structure such as a pontoon is installed, it can help to do two things with regard to its surroundings. One is that it can dissipate the energy of the water. This can help to create areas of calm and relaxing water close to the pontoon, which you and your family can enjoy. The other thing a pontoon can do is to help to control the movement of the sand. The structure helps to prevent the natural migration of the sand, keeping it in one general area. This, again, can be enjoyed by you and your family, or it can be used as an ideal area to relax with friends. Although a pontoon is a construction that is temporary in nature, many river side properties have pontoons that have lasted for several years due to the quality of materials used when they were built. For more information, contact a business such as Coastal Pontoon & Jetty...

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